Ecstatic to notify our beloved supporting community that our dream and vision have come true!!!


The feeling of being the only people on the face of the planet to hold this World Record is incredibly unique; yet while being unique, it was achieved upon the foundation of inclusivity as we share our success with so many who helped PUSH us along the way.

We are truly grateful of YOUR support and the that of our sponsors #SeedsOfPeace, #Razorsworldwide#USM#hydralyte#nuun, #my-24-fit, #Hancocklumber#GorhamHouseOfPizza.

We hope that this World record lasts for many years, and carries the spirit of our loved community members who have inspired us to collaborate with those different to us, because when we do so, we get further then ever imagined. Here is the proof

Look at this photo carefully. Recognize anyone? Yes!? Well then go tell your friends and family that you now have friends who are World Record holders!!!