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Her light will shine bright on Friday – Laila will not be forgotten

This past week brought with it terrible news not only the W4W team, but the whole SOP & Belfast, ME communities.

We are heartbroken by the loss of 2017 Maine seed and to-be-Wheeler Laila Al-Matrouk. She was killed in Belfast by a car outside her home on her bike.

Our condolences go out to her family and everyone who knew of and were impacted by her bright light and courageous heart. She will continue her legacy of changing the world for the better through each and every person that she interacted with. Her courage, passion, and love for this community is still felt by all.

We will be pushing onward on with the W4W World Record attempt in honor of Laila as just one of the many ways she will continue to change the world.

Our team representatives drove to her community’s gathering this past Thursday in Belfast. They shared a story of Laila collecting bottles from local restaurant and recycling them in order to fund raise. A story which didn’t surprise her friends and community.

They left a photo of her last profile picture with the W4W frame outside her home where she was killed. On the back side they wrote that the team will carry her light across the finish line.

Please keep her in mind over the next week. We sure will.



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