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October 2018: “Youth Journalism International”, connects student writers, artists and photographers with peers around the globe, teaches journalism, fosters cross-cultural understanding, and promotes and defends a free youth press.

September 2018: “Gorham Times”, A local news outlet with a very strong reputation in Gorham, Maine. They covered the #WheelingfortheWorld Guinness World Record attempt.


August 2018: “News Center Maine”, Maines premier TV news network, covered the “Wheeling for the World” World Record attempt.  

August 2018: “Razor Scooters”, Razor Scooters both sponsored our Guinness World Record attempt and covered it on their blog.

August 2018: “Seeds of Peace”, An organisation empowering young leaders from conflict regions around the World and our partner organization for the World Record attempt.


Below you can view press coverage that has been attained over the years for various expeditions, achievements, and notable events…including the #MiniMotoRecord Guinness World Record Attempt

2017 Press Pieces

July 2017: Washington Jewish News, USA

April 2017: “Frettabladid”, Icelands most read newspaper covered the #ScootingRecord World Record attempt.

April 2017: “Morgunbladid”  In this article, the news paper “Morgunblaðið”   is covering our upcoming Guinness World Record, #ScootingRecord.

April 2017:Morgunútvarpið Rás 2”  is a popular radio show that covered the upcoming Guinness World Attempt, #ScootingRecord.

January 2017: The City of Middletown Ohio published an article on their website about the Successful World Record Attempt.


2016 Press Pieces

October 2016: The Parliament of World Religions, USA

  • Keynote speaker Belik, delivers speech about the inspirational Jerusalem Peace Team made up of Israelis and Palestinians who played together at the European Championships for a common goal; victory in one of the world’s most dangerous ball games – Australian Rules Football

October 2016: The Times Of Israel, Israel

September 2016: Ha’aretz news, Israel

September 2016: The “Ruidoso News” covered our story as were in the final day of the Guinness World Record Attempt.

September 2016: The “Roswell Daily Record”, the paper of Roswell New Mexico covered our story as we rode through the city of Roswell during our Record Attempt.

September 2016: The “Salina Journal”, a local newspaper, covered our story as we went through Salina on our way to Roswell.

August 2016: The news paper “DV” interviewed Sigga about the Guinness Record Attempt :

August 2016: “RÚV”  The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service covered the record attempt:

August 2016: In this article, the news paper “Morgunblaðið”   is covering the Guinness World Record attempt which took place on September 5th 2016 .

August 2016: “Morgunblaðið”, Iceland’s most widely read and respected daily newspaper

July 2016: “DV” Icelandic news paper interview about the motorcycle expedition and Guinness World Record plans:

May 2016: “Séð og heyrt”, Icelandic Magazine  is covering our first expedition, mentioning the World Record attempt:

May 2016: “Morgunútvarpið – RÁS 2” Morning Radio Show on RÁS2, The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service Interviewed Sigga about the motorcycle expedition:

May 2016: “Cycle News”, Americas Motorcycle News Source

May 2016:  Various Icelandic national Newspapers and Lifestyle Magazines covered ‘Miles for Peace’. For those of you who do understand Icelandic, click this link ( to get the run-down.

April 2016: Pacific Standard, USA


2015 Press Pieces

October 2015: YNET, Isreal (Hebrew)

July 2015: Countryman Microphones ‘Case Study’ Press Release


2014 Press Pieces

September 2014: KRY News Network 2nd Feature Piece, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

July 2014: MBC, KNN, and Kookie Shinmun Coverage (Busan, South Korea)

June 2014: NHK National News Network Feature Piece, Tokyo, Japan

  • Mike Reid and Kouji Hara are featured on Japans National News Network for their attempt at the first sea kayak crossing from Japan to South Korea.

June 2014: Various Newspapers covering the Japan to Korea kayaking expedition

May 2014: KRY News Network Feature Piece, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan


2013 Press Pieces

August 2013: NHK National News Network Feature Piece, Tokyo, Japan

  • Featuring Mike Reid, the founder of Life Recycled, an organization dedicated to addressing the issue of beach trash and pollution in the East Asian Sea, is interviewed for this use or “Found Object Art” as part of the Life Recycled awareness projects in the local community.

2012 Press Pieces

September 2011: USAFL, USA

  • The United States Australian Football League covered the introduction of Australian Football to Seeds of Peace Camp which they both were employed as counselors representing Israel and Palestine.

2011 Press Pieces

September 2011: Wall Street Journal, USA

2009 Press Pieces

December 2009: The Australian Jewish News, Melbourne, Australia

  • Belik was invited to Australia to deliver a talk at the Parliament of World Religions about his experience playing side-by-side Palestinians in the Australian Football International Cup of 2008.

June 2009: THE AGE, Australia