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New Advisory Committee Member – Gingit (Inbal) Harel

Say hello to our new team member Gingit (Seeds Camper 2010, PS in 2012 & Counselor 18).

Gingit (Inbal) has been part of the Seeds of Peace family since 2010. Being a camper made Gingit want to make a bigger impact on people around her. Processing her experience at camp she came to an understanding what a powerful tool education is. That fact lead to working and volunteering in different communities, leading activities, supporting youth, attempting to understand different communities better this way. Seeds has had such an extensive effect on her life choices that made her love for Seeds grow- later becoming a PS and counselor. Another big passion of hers is traveling- returning from a 5 month backpacking trip in Eastern Africa, coming home straight to camp.
Gingit is super exited to do everything and anything for Seeds of Peace, but breaking a Guinness world record is something she never even thought of. That’s why she is so exited to be part of this amazing group of people.

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