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New Advisory Committee Member – Sahra Hassan

Say hello to our new team member Sahra (Seeds Camper 2013, Counselor 18).

Sahra was a camper way back in 2013 and will be a counselor for Seeds of Peace this summer. Since going to seeds, she has gained a greater sense of understanding various social injustices and the many ways in which we can advocate to dismantle and bridge the gaps between varying communities. Seeds has given her the courage to speak her truths and take the lessons that she has learned from them to her university. In doing this, she has helped to better educate, understand, and create a greater awareness of the inequalities that many face. This journey of understanding the experiences of others has taken her all over the world and introduced her to some beautiful souls. her experience with speaking to people and getting a glimpse of their truths is why she has joined Wheeling for the World’s advisory committee. She wants to continue being a part of Seeds and this record-breaking attempt seems like a great opportunity to bridge gaps, create connections with more Seeds, and have loads of FUN.

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