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New Team Member – Hamzeh

Hamzeh Ghosheh attended camp as a camper (2009), P.S (2010) and counsellor (2014/2016/2018). Seeds for me was a transformative experience because it introduced me to such inspiring people, people who would set a target and set off to achieve it, not wait for stuff to happen. In my daily life, I am challenging my heavily-organized self by embarking on an unknown journey through quitting my full-time job at the UN and starting my own business at the age of 25! Soccer and Dabkeh (traditional Palestinian dance) are my passion I am wheeling to inspire my Palestinian brothers and sisters to fight the occupation by breaking off of their own chains first and challenging what our community determines we can/should do. I am also wheeling in memory of one of my heroes and mentors, the late Wil Smith ( 1968-2015), I hope to spread his faith in humanity and compassion.

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