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New Team Member – Mo

Mohamed Hassan also known by his nickname Moh (Camper 2016-PS 2017) was born in Kenya and has always known the value and importance of education. Not only education in classrooms but in his everyday lifestyle and notions. Using this he has propelled himself to try news things and expand his horizons from the comfort of his living room floor in Syracuse, NY. He loves to play sports and was intrigued by the athleticism and cooperation it will take to shatter this record. He had discovered Seeds by a stroke of luck as he got in trouble for using his phone and had to stay after school to retain it back from his teacher and although that had caused trouble, it only made life better. As much as he brings 100% in a game of basketball he provides 20% more academically. As he explores and contemplates on the ersatz feeling of the narcissistic world around him, he struggles to find his identity and create a name for himself while trying to leave a burning fire in the landscape of history.

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