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New Team Member – Moose

Say hello to our new team member Moose, (Camper in 2006, counselor 2012-2014, camp music director 2015-2016, head counselor 2017 & the Egyptian program manager).

Moose is also a writer, beatboxer, percussionist and DJ. Had it not been for Seeds Moose probably wouldn’t have went on to discover what it means to creatively express ones self. Moose believes in self-expression as a means to emotional freedom. Art, music, writing, dance, sport whatever it is that one can use to express themselves is a tool for that freedom. Moose believes that this is our way of expressing how awesome, impactful and cool Seeds of Peace is. It’s never just about politics, Seeds is a place of expression and impact through creativity, dreaming and manifesting the craziest ideas to a reality. “Let’s break a Guinness book of world records as an organization on our 25th anniversary!” Some of you know Moose with really long hair, but for this challenge he decided to take some of that weight off. Expect a new moose, the one dread moose!

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