Razor & W4W

Upon receiving confirmation from Guinness World Records that we could attempt to break the “Greatest distance on a kick/push scooter in 24 hours“, we immediately set out looking for the best kick scooter for the task.

This ideal kick scooter needed to fulfill some very important criteria. First, it needed to be focused on the adult rider and have a fairly long deck and tall handlebars. Given that this is a distance record, we also wanted to utilize the largest wheel diameter possible as well as high performance bearings.


After researching every major kick scooter brand on the market, we decided to settle on Razor’s flagship adult scooter, the A6. It was a match made in heaven. Razor were happy to sponsor our attempt and mission, and from that moment our partnership began. The A6 is now an official World Record Breaking scooter.

Now that you’ve read and seen how amazing these scooters are, head on over to Razor’s website and find out where you can purchase your very own A6.

Cutting Edge Article by Razor

Oh…and if you haven’t had a chance to check out the article Razor wrote about the record attempt, here is the link: https://www.razor.com/blog/records-are-made-to-be-broken/