The Team

Mike (counselor 2015, 2016 & 2018), a Guinness World Record holder and expedition athlete, currently living in Canmore, Alberta (Canada). Mike was part of the #MiniMotoRecord team which successfully set the Guinness World Record for the ‘Longest Journey by Pocketbike’ in late 2017. He was also part of the first sea-kayaking expedition to cross the East Asian sea from Japan to South Korea in late 2014. Seeds of Peace holds a special place in his heart and having spent two summers there working with on both Group Challenge and Waterfront, he has very fond memories of his time at Seeds. He will be returning this summer to once again be a part of the Seeds mission and help manage the record attempt.

Belik (counselor 2012-2014) began his international travels at the age of 3 weeks, and hasn’t looked back since. With 63 countries under his belt, Belik constantly places himself outside his comfort zone, the place he grows most. After launching a series of travel lectures in Jerusalem and completing a travel coaching book, he recognized the many advantages his childhood Razor Scooter would have on his daily commute, especially the smiles he would evoke from his surroundings by scooting around. As a storyteller, Belik noticed the effect, empowering others’ stories has on uniting the global community and is committed to helping others believe in the power of their stories.

Becca (Camper 2015, PS 2016) was the child constantly yelled at for treating her house like “her jungle gym.” At the age of 19, she competes as a heptathlete in the NCAA DIII Track and Field conference. Her proudest athletic achievement is becoming Seeds of Peace’s first, and then second, victor in the “Pit of Champions” tournament. Although Becca still humors her athletic frenzy, her impermeable energy has shifted towards her interest in peace-building and the Middle East. A current sophomore at Middlebury College, she is studying political science, psychology, Spanish, and Arabic. Becca is scootering in honor of her fellow American Delegate and Peer Support, William Steinberg (1999-2017). She hopes to help spread his light-hearted, caring, and thoughtful spirit throughout the world.

Nour (counselor 2016-2018) is a social activist and community organizer based out of Casablanca, Morocco. Nour is mostly active in the fields of informal education, cross-cultural exchanges, and social and economic integration of at risk youth from disadvantaged neighborhoods. He is passionate about travel, adventure and basketball, and loves taking on new challenges. The past two summers at Seeds of Peace camp have taught him much about the power of collaboration, honesty and risk-taking. Nour can’t wait to go back to help break more stereotypes and maybe a world record, too.

KeJuan Smith (Camper 2016, PS 2017) is a competitive cyclist. He pretty much cycles everywhere. He loves to get out, challenge himself, and tackle new things; whether that means trying to win a race or doing his best to go above and beyond academically. He feels very strongly about taking a stand for his community and things he believes in such as: Social Equality, Equal Justice, etc. He’s also a photographer and loves taking pictures of things he finds significant. In addition he has a passion for working with kids in many different contexts, especially cycling, and specifically, teaching them how to fix bikes at the local bike shop (Blackstone Bicycle Works). He firmly believe kids are the future and hold the famous saying ‘teach one to reach one’ close to his heart. What he unfortunately knows is that the world is becoming a less hospitable place, both environmentally and culturally, so we all must work to be agents of change.

Hamzeh Ghosheh (Camper 2009, PS 2010, Counselor 2014, 2016 and 2018) believes the Seeds experience was extremely transformative for him because it enabled him to meet incredibly inspiring individuals who seemed to continuously set targets and then take off to achieve them, rather than wait around for things to happen. This summer, Hamzeh challenged the mundane routine of daily life (as well as his typically over-organized self) by embarking on an unknown journey through quitting his full-time job at the United Nations and starting his own business at the age of 25! Soccer and Dabkeh (a traditional Palestinian dance) are his passions, and he is wheeling to inspire his Palestinian brothers and sisters to fight the occupation by breaking off of their own chains first and challenging what the community determines they can/should do. Hamzeh is also wheeling in memory of one of his heroes and mentors, the late Wil Smith (1968-2015), in the hopes of spreading Wil’s endless faith in humanity and compassion.

Eli Pier (Counselor 2018) is spending her first summer at Seeds of Peace and is excited to be a part of this world record attempt. She is currently studying at Williams college hoping to a pursue a career in educational development for women around the world. She enjoys traveling, skiing, arts and crafts and all camp things. Scootering is new for her but she’s ready to embrace a new sport. She has loved her time so far at Seeds of Peace and is excited for this new experience with such amazing people.

Abdinoor (Camper 2012, PS 2013, Counselor 2017 & 2018) is a recent graduate with a degree in International Studies and a minor in photography. In his spare time, he loves to play soccer, take photos and have fun. He is currently a counselor at Seeds of Peace and hopes to work with refugees and immigrants.

In memory of… Laila Al-Matrouk (Camper 2017) was born in Kuwait and lived there with her six siblings and parents until she moved to Belfast, Maine in 2010. Laila has traveled almost all of her life with her family, from visiting landmarks and attractions to discovering cultures and learning about the traditions of different areas. When Laila was introduced to Seeds of Peace, she tried as hard as she could to become involved with the program, and successfully made it to camp for second session in 2017. Laila is the first Seed from her school and is pushing to get more Seeds from her area, encouraging people to join a life changing experience. Seeds of Peace has taught Laila how to truly listen to the people in her life and how powerful it can be, as well as the importance of unity and bringing all people together. Laila loves playing frisbee with her friends, swimming in the Belfast Bay, preaching Seeds of Peace to everyone and anyone (including her Uber drivers), as well as many more fun things. Laila is looking forward to hopefully breaking a world record…and is ready to take on the physical challenges.

Conor (Counselor 2012 & 2013; Waterfront Director 2015) is from Yarmouth, Maine. Having heard about Seeds of Peace for many years he finally applied to join the team in 2012 and has never looked back. After helping coach Blue Team to a come-from-behind-victory first session 2012 the “never give up” spirit is always associated with the people who make up SOP, perfect for tackling a World Record. While he usually is found on the water in a canoe while at camp he’s ready for a new transportation mode, this time on land. He now lives in New York City, where he is a dorm parent at a boarding school, guiding students through their high school years, (pretty much a counselor year round). 560KM here we come!!

After getting acquainted with Seeds of Peace at a career fair, Stephanie (Camp Coordinator 2018) was astonished at how deeply she empathized with the importance of Seeds’ work. She knows what it feels like to feel small in a room of adults attributing their negative encounters with the “other” to their heritage. She knows what it feels like to be in a household where speaking badly about an entire heritage is normal and even humorous at times. Hearing and understanding another person’s viewpoints leads to recognition that something is indeed wrong. I believe that Seeds of Peace is taking a resounding initiative by building respect and empathy, and that’s why she’s wheelin’—to help build awareness of our great work!

Despite never having been to camp, Idris found a calling to join the team as soon as he heard about Wheeling for the World. He first heard about it from two close friends who are scootering with us, and decided to commit to it right away! His passions include soccer and games, as well as enjoying good food.

Salat (Camper 2012, Counselor 2015-2018) was raised in Syracuse, New York, where he currently lives. He recently graduated from Cazenovia College with a Psychology degree and has been actively involved in his community as educator, activist, and volunteer. You will see him in poor communities where he’s engaging with youth in helping them become the best version of themselves through educating, motivating, and mentoring. Salat struggles to stay still due to having a lot of energy in his body.  He uses sports to get rid of access energy to maintain the calm vibes people sense when they have conversations with him. Right now, he struggled writing this bio because of his excitement to being part of a Guinness World record attempt and more importantly doing it with his friends!

Tarek (Facilitator/Coordinator 2010-2018) enjoys being alive, especially when directing his energies towards the sanctity and interdependence of life all around. Tarek tries to balance a passion for transformative, restorative, and social change with a love for play, movement, and self-reflection. His random assortment of colorful adventure stories include high suspense search and rescue missions, cycling across the Tibetan and Lesotho plateaus, climbing the Empire State Building, spontaneous break dancing in a Ugandan village, disappearing into Canyonlands, near death in the Himalayas, dancing until dawn, riding waves, paddling around islands, ascending volcanoes, juggling his sons…

Davion (Camper 2016, PS 2017) is a track athlete ranked among the top 20 in his class for the sport. He also enjoys trail running and generally any type of sport that involves a lot of running. Davion had no idea what he was getting himself into when he first attended Seeds of Peace International Camp, but now considers this community to be his family and, because of that, is extremely excited to crush this record and raise awareness about the work the organization does.

Bupalo Sungubele (Camper 2016, PS 2017) was born in South Africa and recently graduated from Deering High School. He will be attending the American University starting January 2019. Bupalo loves anything competitive and strives to accomplish personal goals set by himself for himself. As a high school student, he was part of multiple sports teams, including lacrosse, soccer as well as track. Bupalo credits Seeds of Peace with changing his life and his perspective on the world, as it made him realize his passion for youth voice and social justice in the community. He’s a firm believer in the phrase, “Team work makes the dream work!” and is beyond thrilled to be part of the W4W Team and do whatever it takes not only to break the record but also to see everyone’s faces as they recognize the magnitude of their goal once it’s met.

Osman Hassan, also known as Baba, (Camper 2013) is 23 years old, originally from Somalia and currently living in Syracuse, New York. He is a full time employee and student, studying Human Services to become a social worker. Baba enjoys playing soccer and working out, and he’s indescribably excited to be on the team and work towards breaking a world record.

Ari (counselor 2018) is super pumped to be a part of the W4W team. He is a senior at SUNY Binghamton and will be graduating in the spring with a degree in computer science. He has never achieved a world record before, nor has he ever owned a kickscooter, so he’s looking forward to taking both of these things home to show off to his friends. He would like to thank Mikie Beans for being an amazing co-counselor, encouraging him to do this challenge, and just being the Greatest Of All Time.

Stacey Coleman is an adventure fitness enthusiast blogger and mother of two awesome kids of whom she scooters around their neighborhood with often. Stacey and her  husband Jesse (another W4W team member)  co-own a fitness business, My-FIT-24.  She earned her BS in Health and Fitness, and is a NASM certified Personal Trainer, Cardio Performance Specialist,  and Behavioral Change Specialist, as well as a certified Spartan Group Exercise Coach, and a Prenatal Yoga Specialist.  Stacey has served as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Southern Maine and is a lifetime athlete. She played NCAA soccer, women’s semi-pro football, has completed a marathon, triathlon, a bodybuilding competition, and many obstacle races including Tough Mudders, Spartans, and Ragnar events, just to name a few. She is an active volunteer in her community through the schools, coaching soccer, writing for local publications, founding a non-profit for children with type 1 diabetes (Maine P-Pods). Stacey is looking forward to scooting her way towards a world record with the W4W team!

Jesse Coleman is the father of two and a former two time Vermont State Champion, and NCAA All New England Champion Wrestler. Jesse has competed in the North American Wife Carrying Championships, a bodybuilding competition, and continues to compete in varying obstacle events. The owner of My-FIT-24 along with his wife Stacey (also a W4W team member), he has a BS in Biology and is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Behavioral Change Specialist.  Jesse is the former Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Southern Maine and enjoys volunteering his time in the community through coaching the Middle School Football Team.  This will be Jesse’s first, official  scooter event, but he has put on many miles with his family around the neighborhood.

Aubrey Denico is a rising junior at Bonny Eagle High School in Standish, ME. He loves engaging in all types of sports and activities, spanning from hiking in the summer to skiing in the winter, in addition to taking a break from the physical stuff to watch a movie or, play a game. When he’s not doing either of those things, Aubrey is usually looking at stuff that affects my future such as looking at colleges (online or in real life) or studying math and science which are his favorite subjects. He has never participated in any events like Wheeling for the World before or done anything with Seeds of Peace, but believes that it’s never too late, especially since his opportunity is composed of scootering around at the (almost) speed of sound.

Rory comes from outside of Chicago, IL and is a student at Middlebury College studying neuroscience and Arabic. She applied to attend Seeds of Peace as a camper back in 2013 when she was a junior in high school. Though she did not get accepted to camp, she is now overjoyed for an opportunity to connect and collaborate with the SOP community. After spending the last semester studying in Amman, Jordan, she is looking forward to practicing her Arabic with teammates while contributing to the team’s athletic pursuit. She dedicates her efforts in the attempt to all displaced people in the Arab world.

Mohamed Hassan, also known by his nickname Moh, (Camper 2016, PS 2017) was born in Kenya and has always known the value and importance of education, not only education in classrooms but in his everyday lifestyle and notions. Based on this belief, he has continuously propelled himself to try news things and expand his horizons from the comfort of his living room floor in Syracuse, NY. He loves to play sports and was intrigued by the athleticism and cooperation it will take to shatter this record. He had discovered Seeds by a stroke of luck as he got in trouble for using his phone and had to stay after school to get it back from his teachers. As Moh explores and contemplates on the ersatz feeling of the narcissistic world around him, he struggles to find his identity and create a name for himself while trying to leave a burning fire in the landscape of history.

Mohammed ElKhattaby, almost exclusively referred to as ‘Mo’, (Counselor 2017 & 2018) is a social worker and community organizer based out of Morocco, where he works with initiatives that inspire cultural exchanges across international communities. His passions include following up on soccer news, refereeing soccer games at camp, debriefing for groups of campers following their Group Challenge sessions, and napping whenever the opportunity arises. Because of the impact camp had on his life, Mo quickly found himself drawn to Wheeling for the World, as a chance to raise awareness about the work Seeds of Peace does as well as remember community members we’ve lost.

{Advisory Committee} Saba (Counselor 2018) is a recent graduate of Dartmouth College from Toronto, ON. She spent her last three years at Dartmouth on the Women’s Rugby team, where she played as a wing and a fullback. The majority of time prior to that was spent swimming and diving, which is unsurprising given her infatuation with water-bodies. Following her recovery from shoulder surgery, she hopes to compete in triathlons and join a club rugby team and definitely can’t wait to return to camp as a counselor!

{Advisory Committee} Being a camper made Gingit (Camper 2010, PS 2012, Counselor 2017 & 2018) want to make a bigger impact on people around her. Processing her experience at camp she came to an understanding what a powerful tool education is. That fact lead to working and volunteering in different communities, leading activities, supporting youth, attempting to understand different communities better this way. Seeds has had such an extensive effect on her life choices that made her love for Seeds grow- later becoming a PS and counselor. Another big passion of hers is traveling- returning from a 5 month backpacking trip in Eastern Africa, coming home straight to camp. Gingit is super exited to do everything and anything for Seeds of Peace, but breaking a Guinness world record is something she never even thought of. That’s why she is so exited to be part of this amazing group of people.

{Advisory Committee} Sahra (Camper 2013, Counselor 2018) has gained a greater sense of understanding various social injustices and the many ways in which we can advocate to dismantle and bridge the gaps between varying communities. Seeds has given her the courage to speak her truths and take the lessons that she has learned from them to her university. In doing this, she has helped to better educate, understand, and create a greater awareness of the inequalities that many face. This journey of understanding the experiences of others has taken her all over the world and introduced her to some beautiful souls. her experience with speaking to people and getting a glimpse of their truths is why she has joined Wheeling for the World’s advisory committee. She wants to continue being a part of Seeds and this record-breaking attempt seems like a great opportunity to bridge gaps, create connections with more Seeds, and have loads of FUN.

{Advisory Committee} Japneet Kaur Sachdev (Camper 2017) has dreamed about going to camp since she was 13 years old, and credits the experience with changing her views about the world and motivating her to make a difference in her local community. Inspired by the organization, she has decided to attend a college in rural Pune and spend two years interacting, helping and hopefully making an impact on the communities that reside in the various villages there. Japneet is extremely excited to be part of the Wheeling for the World team.

{Advisory Committee} Anam (Camper 2013, PS 2015) is a Pakistani seed who found a home within a foreign summer camp and a family bound beyond blood or borders. For Anam, Seeds of Peace was a time of self-growth, learning, and discovery, but also symbolized unconditional love, acceptance, and empathy. Deeply inspired by Seeds very own Wil Smith, Anam lives by his motto to “do whatever you can, with whatever you have, wherever you are”, and believes in never losing that momentum. Currently studying Political Science and International Development Studies at UCLA, Anam is deeply passionate about advocacy, development, human rights as well as international law. Anam is wheeling to honor Wil’s words and in support of Seeds of Peace and the impactful work it does.

{Advisory Committee} Danish is a Pakistani Young man passionate to serve his community in every possible way; as a teacher, volunteer and founder of Act Youth Force. He is currently studying Economics and Political in his undergraduate from Pakistan. Danish loves to write and make videos to share his ideas with the people. He believes that Seeds of Peace showed him the world outside the box and the camp gave him courage to step out of it. He was a camper in 2015 and a PS in 2016 for the Cyprus Program. Right after coming back from Cyprus, he founded his organization, Act Youth Force which is working to revolutionize the meaning of Education. With his amazing skills of writing, making videos and generating content, he will be working as the Advising Committee member and contributing towards the bigger impact that Wheeling for the World will have on media.

{Advisory Committee} Giselle (Camper 2016, PS 2017) credits Seeds of Peace with teaching her to be patient, listen to others, and radiate positivity. She believes in the importance of stressing diversity because it enables change to occur, and therefore continues to advocate for herself and others even in moments of struggle. Joining the Wheeling for the World team was an easy decision for her to make, as the team itself signifies all the amazing values of inclusivity and empowerment the organization is based upon.

{Advisory Committee} Tareq Zourob (camper 2005) is a civil engineer. He was a member of the Palestinian delegation to the International Seeds of Peace Camp in Maine in 2005. He feels so fortunate being a part of seeds of peace family. Tareq believes that becoming a member of the SOP provided him the opportunity and paved the way for him to grow both intellectually and personally. It was a transformational experience for him. After camp Tareq participated in many local and international SOP programs and events. Tareq has a background as a civil engineer and completed his studies in Gaza. He is also interested in the Middle East issues, international relations, human rights, civil-military relations, peace-building, post-conflict reconciliation and environmental issues. Tareq is thrilled and excited to be a part of wheeling for the world which is a great opportunity to accomplish something extraordinary and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Seeds of Peace.

{Advisory Committee} Irha Nadeem (Camper 2013) joined Seeds of Peace as a Pakistani delegate in 2013 and has been associated with Seeds of Peace since then, participating in a number of follow-up programs. She is currently studying Chartered Accounting from Institute of Chartered Accountants Pakistan. Seeds of Peace was never just a camp for her. It has been her second home, where she has a feeling of belonging. It has been a life changing experience for her, teaching her the true meaning of leadership, coexistence, empathy, harmony as well as building everlasting friendships from all around the world. Seeds of Peace taught her to be empathically, mentally and emotionally strong. Irha has a passion for adventure and love for travelling. She is joining Wheeling for the World to honour Will Smith’s legacy and to be a part of the positive impact this project will make among masses. She’s also quite excited to be a part of a Guinness World Record!

{Advisory Committee} Amy Topchik is a rising 11th grader from Scarborough, Maine. She attended the second session of Seeds of Peace in 2017, where she developed the toolkit to bring change to her school, community, state, and the world! She is actively involved in Letters of Love, a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading hope and love to children affected by the refugee crisis, and The Yellow Tulip Project, a nonprofit organization that spreads awareness about mental illness and works to smash the stigma that accompanies it. Amy also actively participates in volunteering, local theater productions, and competitive dance. She is beyond thrilled to be joining the W4W team and do all she can to make the event a success!

{Advisory Committee} Hannah has been involved in SOP since 2014 when she was convinced to be a camper. She then came back as a PS in 2015 but couldn’t stay away. For 2016-2017 she could be found playing on the field with little Molly or delivering golf carts full of camper mail. Seeds of peace has been super important to Hannah and has influenced her life path.  Hannah can be seen scootering around her college campus and is thrilled to be a part of Wheeling for the World advisory committee in honor of Seeds of Peace’s 25th year and all her mentors, including Wil Smith and Tim Wilson who continue to influence her and all seeds past, present and future.

Boniface (Camper 2011, PS 2013, Counselor 2018) is a recent college graduate with a degree in Business Management from Wheaton College in Norton, MA. He is a local Mainer, and comes from a large family, three out of his other five siblings have been campers at Seeds of Peace. After camp Boniface hopes to complete his 3rd novel and publish it. He is a former wing for Wheaton College’s rugby team and has remained active in other sports. He is passionate about music, writing and the creation of equality in the world.

Habeeba (Camper 2011, PS 2013, Counselor 2017 & 2018) is a freelance writer, marketeer and part-time educator based out of Cairo, Egypt. Habeeba’s interests include reading books no one has heard of, painting, yoga, and playing the Ukulele. Her work with Seeds of Peace, from being a camper to helping organize regional events, sparked her passion for social development and empowerment of the youth, and, stumbling upon Wheeling for the World, she found herself once again captivated by the sheer drive and motivation shown by this community. In the wake of losing our team member, Laila Al-Matrouk, Habeeba felt an even bigger pull towards this attempt at breaking a world record – and is here in remembrance of Laila’s activism, strength, and everything that she stood for.